Swarm technologies and autonomic team up to create industry’s first low-cost ubiquitous vehicle connectivity platform

By Sara Spangelo

CEO and Co-Founder, Swarm Technologies

January 9, 2019


Swarm and Autonomic discuss the TMC at CES 2019.

When Ben and I founded Swarm, vehicle connectivity was one area we got very excited about. With more than one billion vehicles on the road and nearly one hundred million being added annually, we recognized endless possibilities to leverage vehicle data to improve the lives of the people who use them and the communities in which they move.

The challenge is that connectivity for transportation systems, particularly for vehicles, is currently limited to select portions of the world where cell service is available. As the world’s lowest cost global comms network, we recognized the importance of partnering with others in the ecosystem who share a similar vision and that’s where the team at Ford-owned Autonomic comes in.

Autonomic, creators of the world’s foremost transportation and mobility platform for connected vehicles has built an unparalleled platform: the Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC). The TMC connects the diverse components of mobility systems, including connected vehicles, mass transit, pedestrians, city infrastructure, and service providers — with the goal of orchestrating a safer, more efficient and sustainable transportation network.

The more broadly that TMC is available globally, the more value it can bring. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that we are teaming up with Autonomic to extend TMC’s reach even further — anywhere a satellite can fly.

The net result will be nothing less than the world’s first low-cost ubiquitous connectivity platform for connected vehicles. Together, we will enable enterprises to easily access critical telematics and emergency services anywhere on Earth by integrating Swarm’s microsatellite network with the TMC.

In practical terms, without ubiquitous coverage, car sharing systems, for instance, are limited to urban areas, command and control systems are hampered and in-vehicle emergency services may not function. Our combined offering will allow access to a single global network solution of critical connectivity services — regardless of where a vehicle may travel.

Visit Swarm and Autonomic at the Ford Booth at CES 2019.

If you’re at CES this week, we invite you to join us and Autonomic at the Ford Booth (LVCC, North Hall, #5002) to meet our team and learn more about the ways we will help shape the future of connected vehicles. Marcy Klevorn, President of Ford Mobility, announced part of our work with Autonomic earlier today. We’re excited to share more soon on our efforts to build a connected future!

— Sara
CEO, Co-Founder
Swarm Technologies

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