Global Coverage

Swarm’s global continuous coverage keeps IoT devices connected no matter where in the world they’re deployed.

Cost Leader

Swarm’s low-cost solutions allow you to connect more devices at a fraction of the price of other satellite providers.

Two-Way Comms

Control devices at a distance by sending remote commands in reaction to changing conditions.

Case Study

Using in-field data to achieve groundwater sustainability

Swarm and SweetSense are teaming up to tackle groundwater sustainability. Learn how in-field sensors & low-cost global connectivity make it easy for water managers to collect and transmit accurate well data to comply with sustainability requirements.

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Case Study

Mar 02, 2021

Using in-field data to achieve groundwater sustainability

Use Cases


Weather and environmental data


Air and water quality monitoring


Disaster response


Asset tracking


Geofencing notifications


Pollution tracking

Affordable, two-way connectivity that keeps your devices online everywhere on Earth at all times.

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