Global Coverage

Swarm’s global continuous coverage keeps IoT devices connected no matter where in the world they’re deployed.

Cost Leader

Swarm’s low-cost solutions allow you to connect more devices at a fraction of the price of other satellite providers.

Two-Way Comms

Control devices at a distance by sending remote commands in reaction to changing conditions.

Case Studies

The connected car is here

The connected car is here, and over the next decade millions more will be hitting our roads. Swarm and Ford’s Autonomic have teamed up to create the industry’s first low-cost ubiquitous vehicle connectivity platform.

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Case Studies

Jul 17, 2020

The connected car is here

Use Cases


Vehicle tracking


Equipment usage


Fleet management systems


Cold chain logistics


Cargo tracking


Emergency assistance

Affordable, two-way connectivity that keeps your devices online everywhere on Earth at all times.

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