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Swarm Announces New Asset Tracking Product

Our team is excited to announce the launch of the Swarm Asset Tracker! This new product is now commercially available and will provide an end-to-end solution for tracking equipment, vehicles, and other remote assets. The Swarm Asset Tracker functions anywhere in the world using Swarm’s global satellite network, and is ideally suited for remote locations that lack terrestrial network coverage.

The new Swarm Asset Tracker is an out-of-the-box commercial product that can be set up within minutes and immediately begins tracking the assets customers care about most. Swarm’s existing commercial offerings include a satellite modem that can be integrated at the board level (M138 Modem) and testing devices to get started on the network (Eval Kit and SparkFun breakout board).

Users can simply remove the device from its shipping box, turn it on, and mount it to their asset. The device will automatically collect, format, and transmit its location and power information to the Swarm network. The transmitted data will be accessible in the Swarm Hive, where users access their information through a customer web portal. The Swarm Hive includes mapping and reporting features that allow customers to view time series location data on a map. The transmitted data can be pulled from the Swarm Hive via the provided REST API, or be pushed to a customer’s backend server via webhooks.

The Asset Tracker will run off rechargeable battery power for 40+ days when not connected to external power (12 GPS readings per day). The device also has an external 6V-28V DC power connector that can be used to power the device and charge the batteries to considerably increase the Asset Tracker’s lifetime. Power can be provided directly from the asset using relay wiring that is fuse protected and capable of supplying the required power. The Asset Tracker includes a motion detection mode that is enabled to initiate data acquisition only when triggered to substantially conserve battery power.

Companies in logistics and transportation industries are tracking a wide range of assets ranging from cranes, welders, and power washers to standard trucks or fishing boats. In many use cases remote satellite monitoring can ensure timely maintenance of assets, preventing downtime for high-value equipment. In other use cases, GPS data is required to keep track of where any given asset is, or has been during a period of time.

Historically customers have been forced to choose between prohibitively expensive tracking devices using legacy satellite networks, or terrestrial devices that only work within cell range (missing 20% of the US and 90% of the surface of the Earth). Swarm is providing businesses the ability to gather critical data and make more informed decisions, regardless of location, while spending a fraction of the cost on data.

As of today, Swarm’s new Asset Tracker is available for $99 along with the same $5/month subscription pricing that customers are familiar with from our standard data plan.

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