The Swarm Eval Kit transmits and receives data using Swarm’s space network to provide connectivity from anywhere on Earth.

    Each Eval Kit  includes the following components:

    • Swarm M138 Modem + VHF antenna
    • Solar Panel
    • 3 rechargeable 18650 batteries
    • Integrated ground plane
    • FeatherS2 – ESP32 board
    • Adafruit FeatherWing OLED
    • Tripod

    The Eval Kit PCB is designed to provide the developer with an easy to use platform, with the included Feather and FeatherWing boards, a USB-C port, I2C port for optional additional sensors, and more.

    QuantityPrice (USD) – through March 31, 2022
    1 $499    $449 + $5/mo data
    10$499    $399 + $5/mo data
    25$469   $349 + $5/mo data
    100$449   $299 + $5/mo data


    Satellite dataTransmit/receive messages in less than 15 minutes (Q1-2022)
    Dimensions32.0 x 26.0 x 8.0 cm (not including tripod /antenna)
    Mass2.6 kg
    Primary componentsSwarm M138 Modem + VHF antenna
    Solar Panel + integrated ground plane
    FeatherS2 – ESP32 board
    Adafruit FeatherWing OLED Screen
    3 rechargeable 18650 batteries
    GPS Flex antenna
    SensorsOnboard GPS (lat/lon/alt)
    CPU temperature
    Power9 W solar panel, USB-C charger
    31 Whr battery (3 x 18650 cells)
    Unregulated 4.2V battery output for external sensors or devices
    I2C with optional 3V3 pull-ups and a 3V3 regulated output
    24 hr lifetime on batteries only (WiFi on)
    ProtocolModified NMEA two-letter command set
    Bit rate1 kbps
    Maximum packet size is 192 bytes


    Q: What’s in the Swarm Eval Kit?
    A: Each Eval Kit purchase includes a solar panel + battery charger, integrated ground plane, and a tripod. We also made the kit compact and robust to fit our customer needs. 

    Q: What components are on the Eval Board?
    A: Each Eval Kit hosts  a Swarm M138 Modem, a FeatherS2 – ESP32 board and FeatherWing OLED screen, GPS antenna, and rechargeable batteries.

    Q: Are the Eval Kits enabled with 2-way data transfer?
    A: No. 2-way data transfer is available for commercial Swarm modems.

    Q: Is the Eval Kit weatherproof?
    A: Yes! We use an IP68 rated waterproof enclosure ready for field test or deployment

    Q: How do I send  data using the Eval Kit?
    A: Users can send via the Eval Kit using a 1-click web messaging app or over a Wifi/Serial connection, and can receive data by email or the in Swarm user web UI. The Eval Kit product is a 1-way data transfer product. 2-way data transfer is available for commercial Swarm modems.

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