The Swarm M138 Modem transmits and receives data via Swarm’s satellite network. The modem is designed to be embedded into a third-party IoT device, and the data can be delivered via a REST API or Webhook to any cloud service.

    QuantityPrice (USD) – through March 31, 2022
    25 $119     $89 + $5/mo data
    100$109    $79 + $5/mo data
    1000 $99    $69 + $5/mo data
    10000$89    $59 + $5/mo data


    Dimensions51.0 x 30.0 x 5.3 mm
    Mass9.6 grams
    ComponentsGPS, VHF radio with integrated T/R switch
    U.FL connectors for GPS and VHF antennas
    ARM Cortex-M4 processor
    Indicator LEDs
    CMOS serial UART interface
    3.3V GPIO
    SensorsOnboard GPS (lat/lon/alt)
    PowerSleep mode: 3.3V, 70 µA (max)
    Receive mode: 3.3V, 26 mA (typ), 40 mA (max)
    Transmit mode: 3.3V, 1275 mA (typ), 1600 mA (max)
    EnvironmentOperational: -40 C to +85 C
    Storage: -40 C to +85 C
    Module protocolData sent to the Modem should be formatted into a hex-ascii string.
    Two-letter NMEA-like commands are sent to a 3.3V CMOS serial UART.
    Bit rate1 kbps
    Frequency137-138 MHz (downlink)
    148-150 MHz (uplink)


    Q: How do I communicate with the Swarm M138 Modem?
    A: The Swarm M138 Modem communicates via a standard 3.3V CMOS serial UART interface or a PC interface with a USB-to-serial converter.

    Q: How do I transmit data using the Swarm M138 Modem?
    A: When powered on, the Swarm M138 Modem will identify a signal from any of the Swarm satellites overhead, and automatically transmit queued user data.

    Q: How do I integrate the Swarm M138 Modem into my product?
    The M138 Modem is easy to integrate into any new or existing PCB design. The Swarm Modem uses a standard mPCIe 30mm x 51mm form factor for easy integration, firmware upgrades, and replacement.

    Q: What antenna does the Swarm M138 Modem come with?
    A: Each Swarm M138 Modem purchase includes a Swarm VHF antenna (22cm coiled ¼-wave with SMA-male connector) that is pre-tuned to our frequencies.

    Q: Does the Swarm antenna require a ground plane?
    A: For most applications, we recommend that the user supplies a 1/4λ (30 x 30cm) ground plane or 50cm long counterpoise wire to maximize transmission success with Swarm’s VHF antenna.

    Q: Does the Swarm M138 Modem have any additional capabilities?
    A: Yes! The Swarm M138 Modem has onboard GPS, temperature sensors, GPIO control, and several user commands. See the Swarm M138 Modem Product Manual for more in-depth information.

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