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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase additional devices on the VHF network?

To ensure the highest performance possible for all VHF deployments now and into the future, Swarm is halting net new device sales. This will also enable our teams to focus on continued support for our VHF customers while we develop improved capabilities.

Will Swarm continue to support the VHF network?

Yes, Swarm is continuing to support its VHF service and customers. We most recently launched on a Transporter-8 mission (June 2023), currently have a manifested launch for 2024, and continually evaluate additional mission opportunities for the VHF network.

What does the roadmap look like for future IoT offerings?

In addition to supporting ongoing VHF operations, SpaceX is planning to deploy a Direct to Cell satellite system in low Earth orbit that will support ubiquitous connectivity directly to all phones using 4G LTE standards. The network will also support commercial off the shelf (COTS) IoT applications. The Direct to Cell system will complement existing terrestrial LTE networks and eliminate dead zones by allowing devices to seamlessly connect to the SpaceX satellite network when they are outside of terrestrial coverage, from most places on Earth. If you’re interested in receiving more detailed information and future updates on the Direct to Cell system for IoT applications, you can subscribe to our newsletter here!

Does Swarm plan to offer any future products in addition to its VHF services?

Swarm customers may also be interested in SpaceX’s future Direct to Cell Network for complementary IoT capabilities. Swarm plans to offer a future LTE version of the M138 modem that is compatible with the Direct to Cell network — supporting the same form factor, command set, and Hive/API interfaces that customers have used with our VHF product.  If you’re interested in updates, you can subscribe to our mailing list here and we will be sharing additional details as they become available. There will also be options to instead purchase COTS modules you may already be using from third party vendors.

Where can I find information on the VHF network?

You can find all technical documentation on the VHF network on this page!