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“With Swarm, for the first time, we can get satellite coverage without raising prices for our customers. We estimate that using Swarm more than doubles the size of our potential market since our customers can use an Optiweigh unit anywhere in the world. Swarm is a clear step up for us.”

Bill Mitchell, CEO, Optiweigh
Optiweigh sells in-field cattle weighing devices


“Many areas where we operate lack cellular coverage and traditional satellite data services were cost-prohibitive. Local communities are paying for our service and we can’t be charging them thousands of dollars a month for satellite connectivity. Swarm is the only company offering what we need at a feasible price point.”

Emiliano Cecchini, President & CTO, OffGridBox
OffGridBox is an all-in-one system using solar energy to purify water and distribute clean energy


“We’ve had trouble keeping our devices connected in rural areas. With Swarm, our systems can be deployed and used literally anywhere on the planet. Swarm will open up new markets for us, both geographically and in terms of the types of customers we can serve.”

Christoph Grundig, co-founder, GREATECH and the Sensoco product line GREATECH’s IoT solutions support use cases across transportation and logistics, including asset tracking and cold chain monitoring


“Swarm will provide the backbone of connectivity for our entire network. We operate in such remote areas that we can’t even use 2G, let alone 4G. Swarm will be our gateway to the Internet, via space.”

Carsten Brinkschulte, CEO, Dryad Networks
Dryad provides ultra-early wildfire detection

“The cost savings of Swarm allow us to unlock potential user applications that were impossible with other networks. Thanks to Swarm, we’ll be able to provide verified access to water to 10x the amount of people, livestock, and croplands through our monitoring systems.”

Evan Thomas, CEO & co-founder, SweetSense
SweetSense develops water quality and measurement IoT sensors

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