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Announcing Products and Pricing for the World’s Lowest-Cost Satellite Communications Network

September 29, 2020

After 3 years of technical innovation, building, and testing, I am thrilled to announce today the commercial availability of Swarm’s hardware product and data service.

Ben and I founded Swarm in 2017 to solve a global problem: that device connectivity remains inaccessible in much of the world and is prohibitively expensive for many industries. Swarm is taking a giant step toward resolving this challenge. From the shipping lanes of the Bosphorus to the farmlands of California’s Central Valley, Swarm’s affordable network can now connect IoT devices at an unprecedented scale.

Now, every person and IoT device can have affordable access to two-way data services from any point on Earth at all times. Our global network enables customers to build their businesses and scale them globally overnight by harnessing the power of small satellite connectivity.

Swarm Hardware

Swarm’s satellite modem, the Swarm Tile ($119 USD), is designed to be embedded into a circuit board design. It connects IoT devices to Swarm’s network, providing two-way data transfer. Compact, lightweight, and low power, the Swarm Tile is ideal for low-bandwidth, battery-powered use cases.

We design and prototype all of our user terminal technology in-house. This verticalization ensures 100% quality control of all components, and that our customers receive the latest state-of-the-art technology. We then work with contract manufacturers to produce Swarm Tiles at massive scale.

Data Services

Access to Swarm’s data network will be available for $5/month per device through an annual subscription.There are no setup or hidden fees. Data can be delivered to the Swarm dashboard, via email, or to any third party application via an easy-to-use REST API.

Swarm's SpaceBee Satellite
Swarm’s satellites provide reliable global data services.

Swarm’s hardware and data services are a fraction of the cost of legacy satellite data providers. Swarm is often 1/10th the cost of existing satellite solutions, which opens up new markets for connectivity that previously could not afford it. Companies in precision agriculture, vehicle tracking and telematics, maritime and fishing, energy, and logistics industries have a clear need for Swarm connectivity.

Ford Motor Company’s pilot program with Swarm is just one example of how accessible satellite connectivity can improve efficiency and safety in the mobility industry. In a letter of support to the FCC in July 2020, Ford wrote: “Swarm is a critical Ford technology partner that is capable of providing the ‘anywhere and everywhere’ transmission medium for the connected vehicles of the future… [Swarm] will help ensure that Ford has the necessary coverage and throughput to serve connected vehicles even in the most remote locations, both in the United States and globally.”

More than 200 companies have already signed up for early access to join the Swarm network when we begin commercial services later this year. As we launch our products and services, Swarm is proud to be bringing the world one step closer to truly affordable and accessible global connectivity.

Click here to learn more about our products. To get started with Swarm, click here to contact us now.