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Swarm is the lowest cost satellite connectivity provider with 100% global coverage and 2-way data transfer. Swarm’s network is focused on a low-bandwidth service offering that is ideal for IoT applications.

Our data plan is simple and low-cost, with no activation or hidden fees. The size of our satellites scales directly to launch costs, allowing us to pass significant savings along to our customers and offer satellite data that is, on average, 4-20x less expensive than legacy providers.

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Q: What is included in the Swarm data plan?
A: The Swarm data plan is an annual contract for $60/year. A data plan includes 750 packets (up to 192 bytes each) per month.

Q: What if I need more data?
A: Each device can stack up to 4 data plans, allowing a maximum of 3000 packets of 192 bytes each per month.

Q: How do I access my data?
A: Swarm network data is sent to the Swarm Hive (user portal), and can be routed to other user platforms via REST API.

Q: What happens if I use too much data?
A: Users will be charged $0.05 per message exceeding the data limit up to 10,000 messages.

Q: How many downlink (two-way) packets can I send?
A: Users can allocate up to 60 packets (of the monthly 750) per data plan for downlink, with a maximum of 10 downlink messages per day.

Q: Does Swarm provide data encryption/security?
A: Swarm implements end-to-end AES256-GCM encryption for transmission sent over the Swarm network. 

Q: Does Swarm offer global coverage?
Yes! Swarm’s 120 satellites pass over every point on Earth, providing 100% global, near-constant coverage. The Swarm network will provide global continuous coverage by 2022.

You can check upcoming passes over a given location here.

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