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Swarm launches first 12 commercial satellites

September 10, 2020

Contact! On September 2 at 6:51pm PDT, 12 of our satellites blasted off aboard a Vega rocket from French Guiana. Less than two hours after launch, our satellites were deployed from the rocket over Thailand. Having settled into their new homes in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), we have made successful contact with all of them. The satellites are all healthy and performing at the highest end of our models, systems have checked out, we have successfully tested all the Swarm ground stations, and we are now continuing commissioning.

This is a major milestone for Swarm as these 12 satellites are the first in our commercial constellation. These satellites join our existing 9 experimental satellites for a total of 21 satellites in LEO.

We will be announcing our products and pricing in the coming weeks and starting to roll out commercial services shortly thereafter. We are incredibly excited to begin supporting customers with affordable, global data connectivity, allowing them to expand their reach at an unprecedented scale.

We are very grateful for the interest and support we have received from our customers and partners so far and we look forward to bringing our services to many more people and devices in the coming weeks and months!

To learn more about our Early Access Program, visit our website. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with the latest Swarm news and announcements.