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Swarm ranked #2 most innovative space company

July 13, 2020

It’s a proud day at the Swarm lab. We are thrilled to be ranked #2 on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Space Companies of 2020 list. What an honor to be recognized for what we have built and its potential to transform global connectivity.

“Swarm Technologies’ ‘grilled-cheese-size’ satellites are lower cost (and lower tech) than is typical. The constellation networks created by companies like SpaceX and OneWeb aim to provide fast, high-speed, low-latency connection to sophisticated systems operated by the likes of the U.S. Air Force — at an equally high cost. But Swarm’s technology aims to fill in the gaps for less data-intensive communications, assisting organizations that want remote access to a network but don’t necessarily need the speediest, most powerful connection. In 2019, for example, the company partnered with Ford to help it get better connectivity with cars in even the most remote parts of the world. It also partnered with the National Science Foundation to send ground station and handheld trackers to Antarctica.” — Fast Company, “The Most Innovative Space Companies of 2020”, March 10, 2020

Our constellation of uniquely small satellites (thanks, Fast Company, for getting the grilled cheese sandwich comparison right) allows us to offer connectivity at a fraction of the cost of existing space-based solutions. From major maritime shipping operations to small AgTech startups, Swarm’s network is connecting devices, people, and their ideas at an unprecedented scale. And because all of our space hardware and software is built in-house, we’re able to keep our prices low, our quality high, and our technology state-of-the-art.

“Swarm’s global network enables customers to build their businesses and scale them globally overnight by harnessing the power of connectivity,” said Sara Spangelo, co-founder and CEO of Swarm. “We’re giving every person and IoT machine affordable access to data services from any point on Earth at all times,” said Ben Longmier, co-founder and CTO of Swarm.

We are proud to be among such phenomenal organizations on the Fast Company list. This is an exciting time for Swarm as we prepare to grow our constellation and begin serving commercial customers. Stay tuned!

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