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Swarm receives commercial license from the FCC

August 27, 2020

On behalf of the entire Swarm team, I am pleased to announce that Swarm has been granted its commercial license from the FCC.  This is a huge milestone for Swarm and a major step forward in our ability to provide affordable satellite connectivity to every point on Earth at all times.

This Part 25 commercial license grants us approval to launch 150 of our satellites and the VHF wireless spectrum to operate our commercial constellation. Our uniquely small satellites will allow us to provide the world’s lowest-cost global satellite communications network. In partnership with LeoLabs, we will ensure that all Swarm satellites are constantly tracked once launched. We look forward to our ground device and ground station approvals, which we anticipate receiving early next year.

I would like to thank Chairman Pai and the Commission for their hard work and support for  Swarm over the past year. I am also very grateful for all the companies – Ford, SweetSense, and Arable, among many others – who submitted letters of support to the FCC on our behalf, advocating for our Part 25 license. Finally, I want to thank the Swarm team for their tireless work!

We are fortunate to have so many incredible companies already a part of our early access program, and look forward to beginning commercial operations with them, and many others, in the months to come!